Which formats are most effective for storytelling?

“What formats do you find the most effective for storytelling – social, blogs…?” This was a question Mumpreneurs Club asked me on Twitter this week after reading my article What Is Business Storytelling? As I started figuring out how to cram my answer into 280 characters, I thought I should write a blog post on […]

How to use Twitter lists

A picture of a crowd of people carrying umbrellas by Alex Block on Unsplash. Twitter lists help you find the accounts you need easily.

Twitter is a very noisy place to try to find content in. Your newsfeed updates every few seconds, you spot snatches of conversations and then Twitter whisks you back in time with ‘tweets you may have missed’. When you are following several hundred people you need a way of cutting through the noise. Enter Twitter […]

I’m falling out of love with my smartphone

Rachel Extance

It’s true. It’s time to admit I am falling out of love with my smartphone. We’re not getting divorced but we are on a break. It’s become an unequal relationship. I give it my time and all it does is take. I’ve had a smartphone for 9 years now. It was an aspirational purchase. I […]

Who cares how many followers you have?

A picture of someone posting an image on Instagram by Jakob Owens.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media. So many businesses want to grow their followers by ‘x’% within too short a time but they are missing the point of social media. Followers are not a useful way of gauging how you are doing on social media. They are simply a vanity […]

How to use Twitter to meet people in a new location

A picture of someone using the Twitter app on their smartphone

Have you moved into a new area? Or perhaps you are expanding your business and launching your services in a place you don’t know very well yet. How do you make connections, particularly if you are remote? Enter Twitter. The micro-messaging service is a great way to meet new people. You can talk to anyone […]

Why you need to know your audience

A photo of a microphone. Who are you talking to? Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

Do you know who you want to read your social media posts, your website or your blog? Knowing your audience is vital if you want to grow your network and your business. If you are posting information which is not of interest to your target market, they won’t read it. Likewise, if you’re putting out […]

5 ways to repurpose your blog posts

A photo of a laptop and a notebook. Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Your blog is a brilliant resource. It is a talking point, a window on your world and an opportunity for people to get to know you and your business. You have also invested time into creating it and you need to make it sing for its supper. Whether you have only just started blogging or […]

A beginner’s guide to social media jargon

A photo of a woman having her picture taken on a smartphone. Photo by Josh Rose.

When you start using social media for business you hear a baffling array of new terminology. What does it all mean? And what do you need to pay attention to? This blog is here to explain about posts, hashtags, reach and impressions. What is a social media post? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all enable […]

The content fridge

A photo of fridges filled with drinks. Photo by Justin Sanchez on Unsplash

Could you live without your fridge? I heard a woman talking about doing exactly that during a PechaKucha talk. She didn’t live fridge-free as an experiment. It wasn’t a 30 day or 365 day challenge. No. She lived fridge and freezer free in the UK for years. There were audible gasps around the room when […]