Jemima Willcox

Your business stories matter – even if you sell B2B

My friend Jemima Willcox celebrated her 2nd year in business recently. It’s an awesome achievement. Around 50 per cent of new businesses fold within the first year. How did she celebrate? With an event talking about failure. Jemima Willcox addresses the audience at It’s Not Failing, It’s Learning We don’t like talking about failure. Ask anyone how … Read more

People sharing food on a table at Thanksgiving

Blogging is generous #HelpShareCollaborate

It’s Thanksgiving today. Weirdly, although it’s a tradition that started in England we don’t celebrate it. I think we should bring it back. In an age when we rush around from one thing to the next, are quick to complain, tired and overwhelmed, taking time to be with those we love and be thankful for … Read more

I have a secret blog. Here’s why.

“I was intentionally overweight for over 24 years. I never ate anything I didn’t intend to.” The late, great, Zig Ziglar on why you don’t just need a goal, but you need motivation and people to support and help you reach them. I remind myself of this every time I look in the mirror or … Read more

A get-together of friends with wine

How stories help you build your tribe

Have you ever been listening to someone and had a eureka moment? Those magic words where you want to jump to your feet and shout: yes! It happened to me at Youpreneur Summit while I was listening to Jessica Lorimer. The talk was about sales but that wasn’t what spoke to me, despite all the … Read more

A photo of a woman working on a laptop

How to write a B2B case study

Case studies are a useful means of showing potential clients or investors how you have helped your customers. Follow these steps to create case studies which are to the point and tell your story. Skip the introduction Often case studies start by telling the story of who the client is, what their background is, how … Read more

A photo of a woman holding a calendar saying January 1

Hitting the reset button

I’m starting my year again. There’ll be no re-watch of Jools Holland but I am resetting the clock on 2018. I started the year (originally) with good intentions and some ambitious targets, not least blogging every day for 12 months. But just as things seemed to be slotting into place, I got one of those … Read more

A photo of Jo Bryant with one of her puppets

Making time to be creative

  I made a puppet today. My favourite networking group,?Drive, invited Jo Bryant from The Hands On Company to run a workshop on business values with a difference – she brought along a bag of furry friends. Jo uses puppets to help people think through things and we all got to make our own little … Read more

A photo of someone climbing out of a hole. This sums up how I feel at the moment! Picture by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

Snakes and ladders

I started teaching my 4-year-old board games this week. We played noughts and crosses, snakes and ladders, and had a hilarious attempt at Chinese Chequers in which he simply hopped over all my pieces and without bothering to follow the rules. Snakes and ladders sums up this month pretty well for me. It was going … Read more

A photo of two men sitting on a rock by the sea having a conversation by Cole Hutson.

Why you need to talk about your business

You talk about your business all the time, of course. You tell prospective clients about it. You discuss next steps with existing ones. It’s what you say when someone asks: “and what do you do?” But how often do you actually talk *about* your business? Running a business can seem like a solitary state to … Read more