Butterfly Blogging

Content marketing workshops for coaches and consultants who want to blog but just can't find the time!

Draft an article, repurpose it, and write an email all in a day


Do you want to serve more people through original content but just can’t find the time?

Some months you write and think, ‘yes! I’m doing it!’


Then other months you don’t.


It’s so frustrating!


You want to be consistent but life and client work keep getting in the way.

What if you had one day a month set aside for content creation?

Butterfly Blogging gives you the perfect conditions to settle down and do the work.


In the morning you write along with me so you create a new blog post.


Then in the afternoon you repurpose it into social media posts and write an email to your list.

Hi, I'm Rachel

I work with coaches and consultants who struggle to turn their ideas into words that enable their ideal clients to see the value of their work. I offer practical support and guidance to create content marketing which really says something and resonates with your perfect clients.



I bring my expertise from 15 years working as a newspaper journalist to your business. I help you spot new angles, get to the heart of the matter, and talk about your specialist subject in an accessible way.



Butterfly Blogging gives you time each month when you will sit and write. No more having content marketing slipping down your task list. I will guide you through writing a blog post (or if you have something in mind, you can mute me) and then show you how to make it work for you

Kind words from clients who have attended workshops with me

When are the sessions?

The dates for Butterfly Blogging are:

  • Wednesday December 7, 2022
  • Wednesday January 11, 2023
  • Wednesday February 8, 2023
  • Wednesday March 8, 2023
  • Wednesday April 19, 2023

How does the day work?

9.30am – We meet on Zoom. I’ll set out the plan for the day.


Then we write in 20 minute blocks for an hour during which we sketch out your article. I’ll give you a prompt and you write your responses.


Write in whichever word processor works for you. I don’t recommend paper because you’re going to need to move things around as you go. 


Then after a break, we write for an hour turning your outline into an article. 


Lunchtime! Hopefully you will have a draft blog post 😀


1.30pm – We come back together and you have 30 minutes to look over your draft and make any changes you’ve thought of during your lunch break. 


2pm – We look at ways to share your article on social media and write an email to send to your list once it is published.


2.45pm – Wrap up chat.


If you need help at any point in the day you can use the chat or we can go into a breakout room.

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Butterfly Blogging

Taster session: get the work done and then fly away
£ 49 Monthly
  • Get a ticket to one Butterfly Blogging session
  • Write an article, do your repurposing and draft an email
  • Pay as you go, no contract