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Take the guesswork out of writing for your business

Are you wondering what to do with your business blog?

Your blog has been part of your business since the early days. You’ve worked hard at it, writing in the evenings and weekends, following advice on how to blog, and tried to post regularly.

But as your business has grown, the time for blogging keeps getting lost. It’s shunted aside in favour of something else.

And your business has changed. Your old articles don’t necessarily represent you any more. 

You want to write a blog for your business but: 

  • you’re not sure why you are writing
  • you don’t know how your articles link to your products or services
  • you’re not sure how much of YOU to put in 

Write Now is an intensive strategy day where we take a good look at your business and what you are selling and then put together a content plan which makes sense for you. 

Rachel Extance

What people say about Write Now

I had an amazing day working with Rachel on one of her "Write Now" days. I had wanted to get some ideas/outlines drafted for a couple of my services and would have been pleased to have achieved that. The day totally exceeded my expectations. Rachel expertly advised and helped me pull together a strategy that uses/links and coordinates all my existing content in a structured manner. We created a structured approach and list of new content which I can't wait to get started on. Rachel helped me work out how to tell my story in a much better way than I had been. I will definitely be working with her again and would highly recommend her.
Nicola Askham
I just spent an amazing day with Rachel Extance doing her “Write Now” day intensive. The morning we focused on the strategy, brainstorming possible content, how my unique viewpoint can be shown. Then after a lunch break, Rachel sketched out the outline of several new blogs, which I then sat down and wrote 2 new highly focused posts as I answered the prompts she set for me and we looked at ways to improve existing blogs. This made the process so much easier and showed the power of batching content in full flow. I highly recommend scheduling a day like this for your business with Rachel.
Susanna Reay

What does Write Now look like?


We have a 90 minute strategy call on Zoom and take a good look at your business. 


We’ll look at what you’re currently selling, or what you want to sell in the next 90 days. And we’ll talk about who your ideal clients are. 


You can ask me questions. It’s a wide-ranging conversation, that gets us both thinking and spotting opportunities for what you can write about and how to put those ideas into practice.


Then we have a 30 minute brain break. 


In the first session, we emptied the jigsaw box onto the table. Now, we are going to put the corners and the edges in.


During this 90 minute session, which takes us through to approximately 1pm, we put the foundations of your content strategy in place.


We will also decide what you will focus on after lunch. You might want time to make notes on some of the ideas we have had, or perhaps to look at the copy on your website. You could write one of the articles we have spoken about.


We meet up again for an hour and decide on what the next 12 weeks looks like. What are you going to focus on? 


If you have written an article or material for your website during the afternoon, send it over to me. I will either give you feedback on the 4pm call or get back to you within 24 hours. 


You will end the day with a clear plan for how you will use your business blog and the articles you want to create.

Get your blog working for you

What are the benefits of Write Now? You will:

  • Know how your blog fits in with your business
  • Know what topics to write about
  • Have a plan for using content marketing 
  • Get supportive feedback on your writing
  • Be able to talk through your business and make sure you are marketing who you are, what you do, and why effectively

Write Now unpacked

What will you be getting during Write Now?

  • Time to work ON your business
  • An expert look at your blog, including what’s working and where you could improve
  • Ideas for articles which will be of interest to your customers
  • Help to create articles for customers at different stages of the buying journey
  • Guidance on what makes a story to build trust and connection with your clients
  • The opportunity to ask questions about content marketing and how to make use of it in your business
  • Suggestions for how you can make your blog work even harder through social media marketing
  • A plan for what to write about on your blog over the next 12 weeks

If you would like support with your blog following our day together, I will talk to you about next steps.

Who are you working with?

Hi, I'm Rachel

I worked as a journalist for 15 years and started blogging when I launched my own business in 2017. I’ve experimented with writing on different platforms; publishing weekly, daily, haphazardly; and writing in different ways. I’ve always focused on being helpful to people.


Over the years, I’ve become known for my blog. People talk about how helpful my articles are. I even won Blogger Of The Year at the Digital Women Awards 2020. 


I use my blog to tell people about my services. It brings organic traffic to my website day in, day out from search engines and social media.


If you would like your blog to bring people to your website, we’ll get a plan in place. I’ll help you figure out what to write about, give your articles a polish, and show you how to share them with your audience.

Are you ready to Write Now?

Join me for a day digging into your business and how you tell people about it.

Investment: £649

Let's get your blog working for your business

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