Get a plan, accountability and confidence to consistently write and publish your blog

Are you struggling to make time to write your blog?

Your blog has been part of your business since the early days. You’ve worked hard at it. Devoted late nights and weekends to it. Trawled through photography sites looking for the right images and paid attention to what interests your audience.


But as your business has grown, the time for blogging keeps getting lost. It’s shunted aside in favour of something else.


You want to write but

  • You struggle to make the time
  • You hit a block and then feel like the time has been wasted if you haven’t finished writing when you need to move on to something else
  • You don’t have a clear plan and start from scratch each time.


Wouldn’t it be good to

  • Always know when you are going to write
  • Have a clear plan before you start writing each article, not just what the topic is going to be, but what you will cover
  • Have someone who can help you get unstuck if you get writer’s block


What if you had one day marked in your calendar each month where you commit to write with the help of a blog strategist? You could get your articles for the month done and ready for your VA to load onto your website and use on your social media.

Rachel Extance

What does Write Now look like?


We have a 45 minute strategy call  on Zoom and make a plan for your blog. 

We’ll look at what you’re currently selling, or what you want to sell in the next 90 days. We’ll talk about your audience and decide on 4 topics you will write about this month. 

Then you take a break while I put an outline together so you know how to structure your articles.


You start writing! You can structure your day however you like but the aim is that you will have written 4 articles by 5pm so I advise you to clear your diary so you don’t have any distractions.


If you get stuck, want to run something past me, or have any questions during the day, you can message me on Voxer. I’ll send you a Voxer message back.

5pm (or sooner)

You send me what you have written for feedback. I’ll check through it and make any suggestions which might improve it. I might simply tell you, ‘good job!’

You will get your feedback within 24 hours of your session and if you want to discuss it, we can hop back on Zoom. 

I’ll also talk to you about what to do with your articles AFTER you have pressed publish.

Get your blog working for you

What are the benefits of Write Now? You will:

  • Know what to write about and why you are writing it.
  • Find out how to drive traffic to your blog and link it to your sales pages.
  • Create articles which reflect your personality and share your knowledge.
  • Get supportive feedback on your writing.
  • Have an editor on hand to give you confidence to press publish.

WRITE NOW unpacked

What will you be getting during Write Now?

  • Time to work ON your business
  • 4 articles written with your ideal customers in mind
  • A plan – so you know what you are doing
  • Feedback – to help you polish
  • Support from award-winning journalist and blogger Rachel Extance

Who are you working with?

Hi, I'm Rachel

Writing for yourself can easily slip down your task list. I get it, there are so many other things to do in your business.


But what if you could make it into a habit? 


What if you found it was something simple you could do every month, use for your social media and email marketing, and show your customers what you have to offer?


I worked as a journalist for 15 years and started blogging when I launched my own business in 2017. I’ve experimented with writing on different platforms; publishing weekly, daily, haphazardly; and writing in different ways. I’ve always focused on being helpful to people.


Over the years, I’ve become known for my blog. People talk about how helpful my articles are. I even won Blogger Of The Year at the Digital Women Awards 2020. 


I use my blog to tell people about my services. It brings organic traffic to my website day in, day out from search engines and social media.


If you would like your blog to bring people to your website, we’ll get a plan in place. I’ll help you figure out what to write about, give your articles a polish, and show you how to share them with your audience.

Warm words from people who have worked with me

Are you ready to Write Now?

One session
£ 295 for 1 month
Three sessions
£ 795 for 3 months
Six sessions
£ 1500 For 6 months


Do you find yourself staring at a blank document on your computer, wondering what to write? Where should you start? What people will want to read?

Get past blank page syndrome.

You will know what you are going to write about. I’ll give you a basic outline for each article so you know what points to cover and you can Voxer me if you get stuck.


Write with your audience in mind. If you’re not sure who they are or what they want to know about, we can work on that. 

Sadly, you can’t write an article and assume people will come flooding to read it. You need to go out and show it to people.

You will find out how to get your blog seen by more people.

I will talk to you about ways to make this easy so you can develop a system that works for you.


Your blog is part of your sales and marketing strategy. You will be writing articles which tie in with your offers. 

No slimey sales tactics. No shoehorning mention of products or services in. You will write articles which seamlessly link with what you sell.

Your website will start to act as a silent sales person for you, overcoming client objections, answering questions, inspiring your customers and sharing your knowledge. 

Get clarity on your offers, gain confidence in your writing, and make your website work for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Blogging has lots of benefits for your business, including driving traffic and answering your customers’ questions without them having to ask you (or them going away because they are too embarrassed or simply don’t want to pick up the phone).

Find out more about 9 benefits of blogging for business.

Yes. I will give you some tips you can use to get the words out of your head and onto your computer screen. You have 6.5 hours to write in, including breaks (breaks are helpful) and I will give you a basic outline of what each article will cover. 

That’s difficult to answer. People write at different speeds and some topics will lend themselves to longer articles than others. 

I would expect them to be 500-1200 words long.

Pillar content is an indepth article which can run to several thousand words. 

Yes you can, but I recommend you plan to write one article during the day. If your article requires research or interviews, then you will need to complete that beforehand.

I can help you bring all the pieces of your article together. We will talk about structure during the strategy call at the start of the day.

The day is designed for you to be able to write 4 articles but if you want to use it to write a launch sequence, sales pages, or work on your website, then you can. Let me know when you book so that I can tailor the strategy session at the start of the day to your needs. 

Sessions are limited. They need to be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance.

You are signing up for a writing day. I will provide you with tips and inspiration but I can’t make you write. 

Your investment is not refundable as I have set aside the day to assist you.

There’s no red pen here. Don’t worry. I know how much effort it takes to write an article and press publish on it. 

Writing takes practice. I’ll make suggestions that you can apply to your work. 

Let's get your blog going

  • One-to-one blogging support.
  • A dedicated day to writing your articles so you know it’s going to get done
  • Strategies and tips to help you come up with articles which will appeal to your audience, get them written and out into the world.
  • Supportive feedback to give your work a polish.
  • Create a blog that acts as an additional sales person without sounding pushy or sleazy.


  • The support of a fellow business-owner.
  • Someone you can discuss your ideas with.
  • Confidence in your writing.
  • Topics you can also use when you talk to customers face-to-face.
  • Social media advice, if you need it.

Are you ready to Write Now?

One session
£ 295 for 1 month
Three sessions
£ 795 for 3 months
Six sessions
£ 1500 For 6 months


Tell me where I can see your blog and we’ll get started.