Repurpose Your Scripts

Turn your scripts into engaging articles you can use on social media and send to your list

Is your podcast giving you FOMO?

Your podcast is fab isn’t it? You get to share your expertise with your listeners, they love hearing what you have to say and getting an insight into your life. Your listeners really feel like they know you and your show does a great job of marketing for you.


But you know you’re missing out.


You know that all that information, insight, and inspiration you share each episode could be enjoyed by more people. The ones who don’t listen to your podcast.


You keep meaning to turn the material into articles but you never get around to it. 


Send them to me and I’ll write engaging articles you can share on your blog, social media, and send to your list.

Two people recording a podcast with a microphone. Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash


Who is your ideal reader? What clients do you want to attract? Let me know who your audience is so I can pull out the lines which will speak to them.


You send me your script, or if you go live, your transcript. If you’re using AI to create transcripts, it’s best to send me the audio file as well so I can check for any rogue lines that have crept in. 


We will discuss the kind of output you want when we start working together. This can be articles, or you might prefer social media posts, or a mix of both. If you want me to write show notes, I can do that too.

Unpack what you talk about on your show and use it to engage readers

We speak at least 100 words a minute. That’s a lot of great content which you could be making use of on your blog or as social media posts. 


People like to consume media in different ways. You have valuable content to share and you can increase your audience by using what you say on your podcast as material for your blog, email, or LinkedIn.

Warm words from people who have worked with me

Why write as well as speak?

Regularly updating your blog shows search engines like Google that your website is active, so it knows to send people to it. 


You will cover subtopics during your show which lend themselves to being standalone content. This makes your podcast work harder for you.


A 30 minute show can make 3 articles for your blog. Think how much writing time you will save! And how useful that will be for your website visitors. Not to mention that you can use it on social media and as the basis for email marketing too. 

Choose your package

How long is your show and what do you want to get from it?


One solo episode up to 30 minutes long
£ 75
Per Script
  • 1 article
  • 2 LinkedIn posts

Solo plus

One solo episode up to 30 minutes long
£ 120
Per Script
  • 3 articles
  • 5 LinkedIn posts

Solo max

One solo episide up to 60 minutes long
£ 180
Per Script
  • 4 articles
  • 8 LinkedIn posts


One interview with you up to 60 minutes long
£ 180
Per Script
  • 2 articles
  • 5 LinkedIn posts

Let's get rid of your podcast fomo

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