Get your blog working for your business

Are you wondering what to do with your BUSINESS blog?

Did your website come with a ‘blog’ section?

Perhaps it is called ‘news’ and you wrote a couple of articles but then weren’t sure what counted as ‘news’ and so left it.

Now it’s been some months (or maybe even years) since you published anything there and you are wondering what to do with it.

Blog Rescue is here to help!

It’s a one hour session where we develop a plan for your blog to make it work for your business.

A photo of a man sitting at a desk thinking. Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash


You brief me on your blog, your business and your customers. I will go through your blog and your analytics (if you have them) and prepare for our call.


During our Blog Rescue session on Zoom we will come up with ideas for what you can write about on your blog. I know lots of ways to make blogging easy for you.


You get a recording of our talk and I will send you a 12 week content plan tailor made to your business, along with tips for how you can make use of the articles you write to drive traffic to your website.

Inspiration and practical advice from an award-winning blogger

Digital Women Awards 2020 Winner

I’ve been blogging since I began my business in 2017 and it has built my reputation. It brings new people to my website every day. I won Blogger of the Year at the Digital Women Awards in 2020. 

When I was a journalist I had to come up with ideas for stories and ways to talk about topics every day, from shop local campaigns, to how to get people interested in elections. 

I’ll give you lots of ideas for what you can write about on your blog, how this links to your business, and how to make use of it.


Warm words from people who have worked with me

Are you wondering what your blog can do for you?

Companies who publish more than 16 blogs a month see almost 3.5 times more traffic than those who only post 4 times or less, according to research by Hubspot.

Regularly updating your blog shows search engines like Google that your website is active, so it knows to send people to it. 

Your blog enables you to give people more information about what you offer, acting as a great customer service representative. 

There are many other reasons to blog. Why wouldn’t you want to use your website to bring in potential new customers and show them how you can help them?

What blog rescue will do for you

Here’s what you get with Blog Rescue:

  • An expert look at your blog, including what’s working and where you could improve
  • An hour focused on ideas for articles which will be of interest to your customers
  • Help to create articles for customers at different stages of the buying journey
  • Guidance on what makes a story to build trust and connection with your customers
  • The opportunity to ask questions about content marketing and how to make use of it in your business
  • Suggestions for how you can make your blog work even harder through social media marketing
  • A plan for what to write about on your blog over the next 12 weeks


A Blog Rescue session is £150. To book, please choose a time slot in my diary below. I’ll ask you some questions about your business and what you need help with.


Tell me where I can see your blog and we’ll get started.