A photo of Jo Bryant with one of her puppets

Making time to be creative

  I made a puppet today. My favourite networking group,?Drive, invited Jo Bryant from The Hands On Company to run a workshop on business values with a difference – she brought along a bag of furry friends. Jo uses puppets to help people think through things and we all got to make our own little … Read more

A photo of someone climbing out of a hole. This sums up how I feel at the moment! Picture by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

Snakes and ladders

I started teaching my 4-year-old board games this week. We played noughts and crosses, snakes and ladders, and had a hilarious attempt at Chinese Chequers in which he simply hopped over all my pieces and without bothering to follow the rules. Snakes and ladders sums up this month pretty well for me. It was going … Read more

A photo of two men sitting on a rock by the sea having a conversation by Cole Hutson.

Why you need to talk about your business

You talk about your business all the time, of course. You tell prospective clients about it. You discuss next steps with existing ones. It’s what you say when someone asks: “and what do you do?” But how often do you actually talk *about* your business? Running a business can seem like a solitary state to … Read more

A picture of a crowd of people carrying umbrellas by Alex Block on Unsplash. Twitter lists help you find the accounts you need easily.

How to use Twitter lists

Twitter is a very noisy place to try to find content in. Your newsfeed updates every few seconds, you spot snatches of conversations and then Twitter whisks you back in time with ‘tweets you may have missed’. When you are following several hundred people you need a way of cutting through the noise. Enter Twitter … Read more

Rachel Extance

I’m falling out of love with my smartphone

It’s true. It’s time to admit I am falling out of love with my smartphone. We’re not getting divorced but we are on a break. It’s become an unequal relationship. I give it my time and all it does is take. I’ve had a smartphone for 9 years now. It was an aspirational purchase. I … Read more

Photo of a sand timer on a beach by Uros Jovicic on Unsplash

Moscow rules: prioritising what’s important

I confess I have found myself in the Quadrant of Waste a few too many times this week. It’s partly because I’m sleep-deprived. Family illness and toddlerdom have taken their toll, seeing me awake and downstairs in the early hours of the morning a lot more than I would have liked. It’s not that I … Read more

Person typing. Photo: Christin Hume

How to write a press release

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day – how do you cut through the noise? A well-written press release (this can just be an email) which grabs their attention is key. The first thing to know is: journalists are not scary. People often worry about getting in touch with a newspaper but guess what? … Read more