Photo of a man jumping at sunrise by Cam Adams

Having the confidence to follow through

I didn’t blog yesterday. Actually, that’s not quite true. I did write a blog yesterday but I didn’t post it. Why? Because I didn’t think it was good enough. Something was missing. I worried people would read it and think: “So?” But then I felt bad. I felt I had let myself down. I made … Read more

A photo of Hatfield Forest

Taking time to unplug

We headed down to Hatfield Forest today. There’s something magical about being surrounded by trees. Cambridgeshire is the least wooded county in the country and while I’ve learned to love the flat, vast spaces of the Fens, I do like ambling through woodland. I love the quiet of course. The stillness. The opportunity to switch … Read more

A photo of my running shoes. They haven't been taken for a jog yet.

Survival, goals and the unexpected

I did my first workout in five years today. One of my 12 Week Goals is to get in shape so I have hard landscaped ‘exercise’ into my diary. I didn’t think about how long it had been since I last did anything more than walking until after I had finished doing squats, shadow boxing … Read more

A photo of a well stocked supermarket fridge. Could you like without a fridge?

The content fridge

Could you live without your fridge? I heard a woman talking about doing exactly that a few weeks ago. She didn’t do this as an experiment. It wasn’t a 30 day or 365 day challenge. No. She lived fridge and freezer free in the UK for years. There were audible gasps around the room when … Read more

Photo of a cupcake with frosted icing and a lit sparkler on top by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash.

What I’ve learned from my first year in business

This week marks the end of my first year in business! It’s a cliché to say it’s been a rollercoaster but it has. I had no idea what running my own business would involve when I started out. Highlights have included getting to live tweet a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, learning to make … Read more

Our Google Home lives on my grandparents' sideboard

Learning to speak with Google Assistant

We got a Google Home for Christmas. I feel a little like we have invited the Toclafane into our home but I admit I’m a sucker for anything which plays whatever music I want when I ask it to. “What is it for?” Some curious friends asked us on New Year’s Eve. “It can tell … Read more