A picture of someone posting an image on Instagram by Jakob Owens.

Who cares how many followers you have?

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media. So many businesses want to grow their followers by ‘x’% within too short a time but they are missing the point of social media. Followers are not a useful way of gauging how you are doing on social media. They are simply a vanity … Read more

A photo of a bakery. A bakery. Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

What is business storytelling?

Storytelling may not sound like it has much to do with business but if you think about it, everything you do has a story behind it. Business storytelling is about bringing out these stories and using them to let people know who you are, what you do and why. How can you use stories in … Read more

A silhouette of a child reading

Let’s celebrate oral storytelling

?It was a dark and stormy night when Eskimo Joe walked out to milk his polar cow…? I don?t know the rest of the story. I don?t need to. Those 17 words, told to me on countless nights as a child on camping holidays, are enough to conjure a scene, a character and potential plot … Read more

A photo of a statue in Winchester Cathedral by Annie Spratt. I love this image, it could be the stranger in the story. Via Unsplash.

The soup stone

If someone knocked at the door and asked you to cook them a meal, what would you do? There’s a wonderful story my dad used to tell me about leadership, teamwork,?and collaboration. National Storytelling Week starts today so I thought I would share it with you. One night a stranger arrived in a village. It … Read more

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How to use Twitter to meet people in a new location

Have you moved into a new area? Or perhaps you are expanding your business and launching your services in a place you don’t know very well yet. How do you make connections, particularly if you are remote? Enter Twitter. The micro-messaging service is a great way to meet new people. You can talk to anyone … Read more

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Why thinking ‘mobile’ matters

I need to apologise to more than 60% of my readers. Why? Because yesterday’s blog post about sidebars didn’t make any sense if you were reading it on a mobile. I talk about focusing on your audience a lot – and then I forgot about which devices people would be reading my blog on. I … Read more

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What do you like to see in a sidebar?

I’ve been working on my website today and one of the things I’m keen to do is make it more readable. Blogging every day is a commitment and there’s not much point if people don’t enjoy the reading experience. I’ve read a few things this week which have railed against blog posts which cover the … Read more

A photo of a microphone by Kane Reinholdsten

Why you need to know your audience

Do you know who you want to read your social media posts, your website or your blog? Knowing your audience is vital if you want to grow your network and your business. If you are posting information which is not of interest to your target market, they won’t read it. Likewise, if you’re putting out … Read more

A photo of a laptop and notebook by Nick Morrison

5 ways to repurpose your blog posts

Your blog is a brilliant resource. It is a talking point, a window on your world and an opportunity for people to get to know you and your business. You have also invested time into creating it and you need to make it sing for its supper. Whether you have only just started blogging or … Read more

A photo of a woman having her picture taken on a smartphone. Photo by Josh Rose.

A beginner’s guide to social media jargon

When you start using social media for business you hear a baffling array of new terminology. What does it all mean? And what do you need to pay attention to? This blog is here to explain about posts, hashtags, reach and impressions. What is a social media post? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all enable … Read more